Luca no background

Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?

Email me I reply within 24h.

Luca no background

Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?
Email me. I reply within 24h.

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Luca Dellanna is a senior risk manager with over ten years of experience helping organizations worldwide manage risk. He also teaches risk management and related subjects at the University of Genoa as an external lecturer since 2014, and has published a few books on the subject, including “Ergodicity” and  “Winning Long-Term Games.”

Luca’s approach

Most risk managers are experts in a narrow field, which causes major blindspots. Conversely, Luca has both broad and deep expertise, enabling him to manage your risk much more effectively.

Some examples:

  • A retail company that engaged Luca greatly benefited from his expertise in February 2020, when he urged them to prepare for the upcoming pandemic.
  • Luca’s first-hand expertise with manufacturing, logistics, and operations in a broad number of industries helps his clients preempt operational risks that they have never experienced before.
  • Luca’s past as a manager of large teams provides him with the expertise to understand and address the operational difficulties in implementing plans that sound great in theory but might have missed some of the messiness of the real world.
  • Luca considers all risks you might be exposed to, not only those strictly related to your operations – such as the risks related to rogue business partners, lawsuits, cyber-attacks, health risks, and other unexpected events.

Luca’s services

Here are a few ways in which Luca might help you:

  • A consultation to help you identify risks you might have underestimated. 
  • A review of an existing risk assessment or plan.
  • An assessment of the effectiveness of the risk management systems already existing within your company.
  • Help craft a plan to address the risks you are exposed to.
  • Training your leaders and/or managers on risk management, risk assessments, and/or risk prevention.

For inquiries, email Luca.


Despite having worked for more than ten years in risk management and related fields and having lectured and produced relevant works, Luca is not a licensed risk manager professional, nor can he produce legal certifications or legal advice. His comments are to be understood as his expert opinion but not as professional advice or advice of any other kind.

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