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Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?

Email me I reply within 24h.

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Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?
Email me. I reply within 24h.

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Here is a list of my most popular essays by topic. You can find a list of all my essays here.


What will we have learnt: when the ashes will have settles and the coronavirus pandemic will have ended, what will we have learnt?


Solving the sources of your problems: You can work to solve your problems, and see them coming back tomorrow, or you can work to resolve the sources of your problems, and never see them again.


Ego and Decision Making: getting free from our ego is a clear path towards success and happiness – though a difficult, if not impossible, one. It might be much easier and more effective to instead become addicted to our future ego: the future version of our selves.


Pain is a signal of vulnerability: doctors and patients alike make a crucial misinterpretation: pain is not a signal of body damage, but of vulnerability (possible future damage). This coherently explains the placebo effect and other apparently irrational behaviors.


Fragilization: An analysis of the second-order effect which cause antifragile entities to behave like fragile ones. The process through which skin in the game leads to antifragility.

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