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Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?

Email me I reply within 24h.

Luca no background

Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?
Email me. I reply within 24h.

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Luca Dellanna

Media Kit

Luca Dellanna

Management advisor, author, and independent researcher

Luca Dellanna is a management advisor who helps organizations increase their revenues through the lever of better people management.

He is also the author of nine books, including his bestseller “Ergodicity: How irreversible outcomes affect long-term performance in work, investing, relationships, sport, and beyond.”

In his free time, he is also an independent researcher whose works have been featured on the largest behavioral sciences conference in the world.

Luca divides his time between Singapore and his hometown of Turin, Italy, where he lives with his wife Wenlin and his dog Didi.

An automotive engineer, Luca started his management consulting career in Frankfurt, Germany. After a few years there, he moved back to Turin, where he opened a consulting practice advising clients worldwide.

In his free time, Luca loves playing basketball and going on adventures with his dog, an Italian Greyhound called Didi.

Audience and statistics

Luca has a global audience, with his books being sold all around the world.

More than 25,000 readers read his regular email newsletter (50% opening rate) and social posting, and he has been featured on the largest behavioral sciences conference (Nudgestock 2020, which amassed 120k+ viewers) and on some of the most prestigious podcasts, including EconTalk.

According to his mailing list and socials data, most of his readers are English speakers (in descending order, US, India, UK, and others) working in tech or finance.

Let’s work together

Luca is available for:

  • Speaking gigs
  • Private workshops
  • Podcasts and interviews

For bookings, please contact him here.

Below, some of the topics Luca discusses regularly:

People management

  • How can we have better managers?
  • How to make an organization antifragile
  • Remote work can be effective and engaging

Human behavior

  • How to build habits, in yourself and others
  • Beyond decision making: how to get to action-taking
  • The neurology of action-taking and effective incentives

Investing & risk management

  • Ergodicity
  • Behavioral risk (and how to address that)
  • How to identify the risks weighting on you or your organization

Approved Photos for Publicity Use

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