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Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?

Email me I reply within 24h.

Luca no background

Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?
Email me. I reply within 24h.

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Engage and Focus Your Team with Luca


Sharpen your management skills and get direct feedback with Luca’s 8-weeks coaching program


Eight Zoom sessions, once a week.
Learn, plan, get assignments, and receive direct feedback.

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The program

Eight weeks

Each week, a 60-minutes coaching video call with Luca.

Learn, discuss your problems, and get direct feedback.

Luca runs these calls personally for their full duration.

Sharpen your skills

You will learn how to give better feedback, delegate more concretely, hold effective meetings, deal with difficult employees, engage your team, prevent burnouts, and much more (full list of skills covered below).

Receive direct feedback

Every call, you will perform exercises, receive assignments, and most importantly, get direct answers and feedback.

This is not a course or workshop. It’s coaching from someone with management experience.

The format

This program comes in two formats: group coaching and one-on-one coaching.

Group coaching

8 weekly one-hour calls, each Wednesday at 6 pm CET / noon EST.

Please email me to know when the next group starts.

Luca will run the calls, teaching, answering, giving assignments, and providing feedback.

You will attend the calls together with up to four other participants.

One-on-one coaching

8 weekly one-hour calls, at a timing of your choice (within my possibilities, I’m in the Italian timezone).

The calls will be just between you and me (Luca), but you can bring a colleague if you want (so that you both benefit).

I will answer your questions, sharpen your skills, give you assignments, hold you accountable, and provide feedback.

This coaching program is for managers and entrepreneurs.

The skills covered

Each call begins with a theme. You will learn how successful managers address each of the following (with a focus on concrete action and real-world problems):

1. Preventing burnout. The key to engaging and retaining talent. You will learn to spot frustrating and exhausting situations (even when not obvious) and to make them less frustrating.

2. Giving feedback. Good feedback upskills people. Bad feedback makes them defensive and ruins your relationship with them. I will coach you into giving better feedback, with practical exercises.

3. Holding meetings. Good meetings remove ambiguity and obstacles. You will learn how to set-up and run effective meetings. I will also tell you how to bring an ineffective meeting back to effectiveness.

4. Concreteness. Great managers are excellent communicators, and they mostly achieve that by being clear and using concrete examples and stories. I will teach you how to do that.

5. Delegating and following up. People don’t delegate if they do not trust that the task will be done well. Effective delegation is about setting people for success. Practical exercises will help you do that.

6. Growing people. I will teach you how to identify the right improvement objectives for your people, and how to follow-up on them in a way that maximizes their chances of improving their skills and motivation.

7. Spotting problems early. The same problem that spotted early would have been a learning opportunity becomes a source of frustration, blame, and resentment if spotted late. I will teach you to spot problems before they become evident and take early action.

8. Standards. You cannot teach them with words, only stories and actions. I will help you establish clear standards for your team’s behavior and guide you in holding them up.



What’s inside:

+ Eight Zoom sessions, with 2-5 participants each

+ One Zoom call just with me, Luca

Price: 599€


What’s inside

+ Eight Zoom sessions, just with me, Luca

+ You can bring a colleague, if you want

Price: 1199€

Any questions? Email me.

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