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The Pandemic Guidebook – Cover

The Pandemic Guidebook: How did we get into it? How can we get out of it? And how can we prevent the next one? is Luca Dellanna‘s eight book.

It is divided into three parts:

Part I, “Human Stupidity,” narrates the mistakes that brought us this pandemic and explains how viruses spread. You will learn about virus labs, conflicts of interest, and misguided policies, but also why pandemics spread in waves, what’s the virus’ attack surface, why variants matter, and how does herd immunity really work.

Part II, “Human Ingenuity,” describes the tools we have to get out of this pandemic and how to best use them. You will learn when face masks work and when they don’t, you will read about vaccines and treatments, contact tracing best practices and non-invasive measures such as ventilation. The second half of this part is about policies: what works, what doesn’t, and how we get back to normal.

Part III, “Human Rationality,” is about preventing the next pandemic. Not only it discusses policies and values, but also educates you on how to read statistics and other data to better understand risks and guide decisions.


The Pandemic Guidebook
The Pandemic Guidebook
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