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Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?

Email me I reply within 24h.

Luca no background

Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?
Email me. I reply within 24h.

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IT and Cybersecurity risks are higher than ever, as evidenced by cyber insurance costs rising 50 percent in 2022 and the complexity of IT systems growing year after year.

One possibility to reduce IT & cyber risks is to invest in better IT infrastructure. While that helps, it is by no means sufficient – as the problem will always be the weakest link in the chain: the human element.

Proper IT and cyber risk management requires analyzing and addressing human risks. This requires assessing and improving competencies and designing robust procedures that do not assume competence but are built for the real world, where users are distracted, and criminals are sophisticated and persuasive.

Luca Dellanna is a senior risk manager with ten years of experience helping organizations worldwide manage operational risks by focusing on the human element. He can help you identify and address risks, evaluate and improve plans, and design training programs.

For enquiries, email him.

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