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My talks

I spoke at Nudgestock 2020, the largest behavioral science conference (link to video).

I also made a talk at Change Matters 2020 on antifragile operations (link to video) and participated on a panel with Rory Sutherland and Bri Williams (link to video).

My videos

I have a Youtube channel. Here are its most popular videos:

My podcasts

  • EconTalk, on Compulsion, Self-deception, and the Brain, with Russ Roberts (link to podcast, video)
  • Blas Moros interviewed me on ergodicity, risk management, and driving change through organizations (link to video)
  • Applying antifragility to growth, interviewed by JJ Ruescas (link to video)
  • On Teams Are Adaptive Systems, with Hunter Hastings from the Mises Institute (link; Apple; Spotify)
  • On managing remote teams, interviewed by Molson Hart (link, the first minute is mute but then we start talking)
  • On human behavior and management, interviewed by Patrick Veroneau (link)
  • On the Power of Adaptation and antifragile organizations, with Hunter Hastings from the Mises Institute (link; Apple; Spotify)
  • The Futurati Podcast, on antifragility, ergodicity, and building a better business (link, the real conversation begins after the first couple of minutes).
  • The Human Risk, a first interview on the coronavirus, multiplicative dynamics and operations management (linkand a second one on the pandemic and ergodicity ().
  • Sahil Lavingia, the founder and CEO of Gumroad, interviewed me about the pandemic (link to video)
  • On my Pandemic Guidebook, with Reddy2go (link)
  • The portfolio career, with David Nebinski (link)
  • A chat on management with Molson Hart, founder and CEO of Viahart (link to video)
  • Algo que meditar, in Spanish – on the dynamics of risk-taking and second-order effects in policies (link)
  • A chat on organic design, with reddy2go (link)
  • 42courses invited me to talk about the future of education and about my book, The Control Heuristic ().
  • Risky Conversations, on second order effects (link)
  • Daily Authors, on The Power of Adaptation (link)
  • Documental, on The Power of Adaptation (link)
  • Mark Baxter’s podcast, (link)
  • My full list of Spotify podcasts (link)

My books and my research have also been mentioned on the EconTalk podcast (link) and on The Spectator (link).

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