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My Management Services

I help organizations increase their revenue by working on their managerial infrastructure – their capability to get things done and grow people.


(some of my portfolio)

My programs

To get an idea of the work I do, you might want to check my Personal Leadership Program (for individuals) and my Team Leadership Program (for organizations).

Luca Dellanna
For inquiries about my services,

Just send me an email or schedule a call.

I am fluent in English, Italian, French, and Spanish.

I have experience in the following industries: automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics, agricultural, food, finance, fintech, crypto, tech, software, electronics, retail, and consulting.

Luca Dellanna
Any questions?

I am fluent in English, Italian, French, and Spanish.

I have experience in the following industries: automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics, agricultural, food, finance, fintech, crypto, tech, software, electronics, retail, and consulting.


I have a 10+ years experience of helping organizations achieve transformational operational change through laser-focused engagements.

Here is how the usual consulting engagement goes.

  1. A one-hour call to understand the problem and whether I’m a good fit.
  2. A second call with you to dig deeper, and a site visit or 3-10 calls with other employees of your organization (to  understand what’s really going on).
  3. I report on the situation and suggest a plan forward.
  4. I guide the key people responsible for the transformation (including you) with a series of 2-4 one-on-one calls with each.

Of course, depending on the scope of the project, the approach might vary. I’ve worked on projects as small as a few videocalls and as large as auditing and driving change in companies with 20+ manufacturing sites or 500+ retail locations all over the world (together with colleagues).

If you would be interested in working with me, feel free to email me. I read all emails personally and guarantee a reply within 48h.

Do you need scale?

Are you interested in working with me, but do you have a large project that requires more than one consultant working on it? I can help.

I frequently partner with two trusted boutique consulting companies with global coverage to assist large clients. Contact me and I can provide tailored solutions to your needs, small or large.


I provide tailored advice and guidance over one-on-one calls. Some of the problems I solve more commonly include:

  • How do I get my team to be better managers and develop their people?
  • How can I drive the adoption of Core Values and Core Habits?
  • How do I get new hires up-to-speed? How do I get someone from good to great?
  • What are my blind spots in regards to people management?
  • How can I manage the risks my organization faces?
  • And much more. I basically cover any topic related to people management except legal, financial, and hiring advice.

I’m extremely concrete. We won’t discuss abstract topics, because the hard part is in the “yes, but what do I do now.” We won’t only discuss what the right things to do are but also how to do them right.

Book a call

  • Instant booking
  • 60-minutes with Luca
  • Satisfied or reimbursed

Executive coaching

I also have a few clients with whom I have regular calls, on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. We discuss opportunities for growth and play hypotheticals to bring clarity and pre-empt problems.

Note: my executive coaching is very much not motivational and instead focused on prioritization and execution. We discuss concrete action, not feelings.

Luca Dellanna

If you are interested in my coaching services, contact me stating very concretely your current situation and needs.


I organize I variety of workshops for management teams. Here are the most common ones:

  • Developing management skills within your organization
  • Making your organization antifragile – able to resist and benefit from problems
  • Creating a culture of innovation and ownership
  • Engaging and retaining talent
  • …and much more.

I organize such workshops both in person and online, and both for teams and individuals.

Team workshops

I ask $5k for a full-day in-person team workshop and $3k for a half-day one, plus travel expenses. These prices are halved if the workshop takes place online.

The above includes a planning video-call to tailor the contents of the workshop to your specific needs.

One-on-one mini workshop

I also offer shorter individual mini-workshops at a very attractive rate.

If you have specific needs, also feel free to send me an email.

Instant booking, satisified-or-reimbursed.

My speaking

I’ve spoken at conferences, including Nudgestock (the largest behavioral sciences conference), and in many podcasts, including EconTalk.

I have also been teaching for more than 9 years risk management and behavioral safety at Genoa’s university International Master in Industrial Plants.

I regularly speak to organizations (and, sometimes, their clients) about a variety of topics around people management and risk management.

Luca Dellanna

If you’d like me to speak at your event or organization, please write me an email using the contact form below.


I organize regular alumni meetings to which I invite participants to my workshops, courses, and consulting. These are both opportunities to network and to discuss very concrete problems (for example, during our latest alumni meeting, we discussed best practices to manage remote teams, clients, and contractors).

The network includes CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals from all continents, representing a wide range of industries.

To join, attend one of my courses or engage my services.

My writings on management

I published two books on management and a very concrete and detailed guide on more effective team meetings.

I also have a newsletter where I regularly write about management.

My top posts about management

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My newsletter

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I write it when I have something important to say, not just to fill your inbox (my open rate is >50%, almost 3x the average). Unsubscribe at any time.

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