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Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?

Email me I reply within 24h.

Luca no background

Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?
Email me. I reply within 24h.

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I believe that change, to last, has to be bottom-up and to address the root causes.

My approach is based on listening to those who are the closest to the problem, on refusing top-down solutions, on evaluating theories based on whether they work in reality rather than on whether they make sense on theory, on preferring solutions that have been proven to work over and over, on implementing them the bottom-up way and on applying via negativa.

My approach is different

  • I learned what I teach on the field, not a school. I’ve been working with CEOs, managers and supervisors from more than 50 multinational companies. I know what their problems and needs are because I’ve worked with them, not because I read books on the matter.
  • I write and deliver my workshops personally. I am not interested in leveraging my time and increasing my profits by hiring someone less good than me a teaching. I care about the long-lasting impact I make.
  • My workshops are not my main source of income. I teach them because I am passionate about them and because I care. This allows me to work in the interest of my students.

Why my courses work

  • I teach concepts that work, not concepts that sound nice. I’ve seen tens of companies, and I learned to separate bullshit theories from the practical solutions that work. I reject all narratives that make sense without having a positive long-lasting application to real life.
  • I learned the rules that define management excellence and then became a teacher, rather than deciding I wanted to be a teacher and then finding something to teach. People that do the latter tend to be charlatans, or to regurgitate concepts that they didn’t internalize. I’m not one of them.

They say about me…

“This book [“The Control Heuristic”] was so helpful to my work. Opened my eyes up to some more reasons why change is so hard.” 

“An excellent course; topics which are barely encountered during university”

“An essential course”

“The MBA which is missing from the academic offer”

“Quotes alternated to case studies contributed to make lessons very dynamic”

“It stimulates reasoning and teaches how to make comparisons”

Amazing course! I learn a lot of useful things and I start to use it immediately. Indispensable for your working life.

The combination of work experience and theory made this course very interesting and useful.

This course was invaluable. Incredibly integrated, understandable and interesting course on the fundamentals of an MBA.

Enriching and stimulating experience. Meeting Luca gave me much food for thought.

My son was recently diagnosed and I needed to be able to understand how he views the world. Why certain things would overwhelm him and cause so much anxiety and pain. This book [The World Through a Magnifying Glass] made it so clear and easy to understand.

During Luca‘s lessons you never look at the clock.

100 Truths has been a game changer.

A very thoughtful piece of writing, deep and wiring!”

Luca Dellanna’s new book “100 Truths” is super tight! […] Practical, directional advice.

I am amazed at Luca Dellanna’s ability to observe, compile, and articulate 99 very actionable life principles here.

Each chapter describes the rule in a way that makes you think and then summarizes the Action.

It’s filled with DEEP insights yet VERY readable.

This guy! Luca is amazing. So insightful with common sense applications of Complexity and the ability to communicate clearly!!

Loved The World Through a Magnifying Glass – this analogy NAILS IT.

Thanks to Luca Dellanna for his book about autism and ASD. It’s probably one of the best works I have read in that matter (I have read a few) and it’s surprising how realistically he depicts the condition.

Excellent book with formulas to increase the chances of achieving what we want to be in life.
Luca writes directly and leads the reader into action.

If you are lost in life or just want to improve your processes even more without having to go deep, this quick guide is for you.

I really enjoyed the Power of Adaptation, especially in context with his essay about how pain is a signal rather than harm and why it’s helpful throughout evolution. […]I loved the references to Nassim Taleb throughout the book. Great job and awesome book!

This is a tremendously useful book. If you apply the book sincerely, your outlook and understanding of what is happening in your life (especially the portions where you are struggling) will change.

The things I really liked about the book:

  1. This is a deep book. Works based on principles rather than simple prescriptions
  2. The writing is simple and direct rather than flower.
  3. It is clear that the author has implemented what he says in his own life.
  4. There are quick and effective action points at the end of most chapters.

Some of the individual chapters are themselves worth the price of the book. If you are the sort of person who likes something both practical and thoughtful, do buy and read this book.

Absolutely brilliant. You might have grasped some of these concepts before but having them structured and in writing makes all the difference […] I will surely recommend it to friends and co-workers.

A profound, useful and insightful book; it shows that it is the distillation of lessons learned from life experiences and also other books (which the author references throughout).

Luca’s books are well worth it.

[Luca’s] material is gold.

Very insightful.

Everybody should follow Luca Dellanna.
He writes very insightful threads on the Covid-19 pandemic (not only, I’ve been following him for a while).
Quality is very reliable. His signal-to-noise ratio is among the best.

Very good book. Read it in in two evenings. Great insights straight to the point (not the usual self-help babble). Highly recommended. [on 100 Truths You Will Learn Too Late]

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