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Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?

Email me I reply within 24h.

Luca no background

Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?
Email me. I reply within 24h.

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Hi! I'm Luca Dellanna

Hi! I’m Luca Dellanna

I have 10y+ of experience helping organizations increase their revenue through better people and operations management (more about it here).

I also published a few books.

Luca Dellanna

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My work

As a management advisor, I work with organizations to increase their revenue and profitability through the three levers of better people management, better operations management, and better risk management.
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As an executive coach, I work with individuals to make them more effective leaders.
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As a lecturer, I teach at master’s courses, publish papers, and speak at conferences on the topics of management, economics, psychology, and behavioral sciences.
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As an author, I published a few books and author a regular newsletter.
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I’ve spoken at

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My books

Luca's books 1
Luca's books 2
Luca's books 3

How I help organizations

I have 10+ years of experience helping organizations worldwide, from startups to Fortune 100s to non-profits.

Some of what I do includes:

  • Supporting senior management in achieving cultural transformation.
  • Developing managerial capabilities across an organization.
  • Reducing turnover and increasing employee engagement.
  • Assessing managerial and operational capabilities across the organization.
  • Making your organization more antifragile (increasing its ability to address problems and pursue opportunities, bottom-up).

My services range from a simple advisory call to longer engagements comprising workshops, training, and coaching. I also facilitate yearly corporate meetings and offsites, both in-person and virtually.

Luca Dellanna
For inquiries about my services,

Just send me an email.
I reply personally, usually within 24h.

I am fluent in English, Italian, French, and Spanish.

I have experience in the following industries: automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics, agricultural, food, finance, fintech, crypto, tech, software, electronics, retail, hospitality, and consulting.

Luca Dellanna
For inquiries

Send me an email
I reply personally, usually within 24h.

I am fluent in English, Italian, French, and Spanish.

I have experience in the following industries: automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics, agricultural, food, finance, fintech, crypto, tech, software, electronics, retail, hospitality, and consulting.

Need scale? I frequently partner with a few trusted boutique consulting firms with global coverage to assist larger clients. Contact me, and I can provide tailored solutions to your needs, small or large.

How I help individuals

I mostly work with individuals through my two coaching programs:

I also offer a few courses.

If you are interested with me, send me an email and we can schedule a video call to get to know each other.

One-on-one calls

I also work with individuals one-on-one. In addition to executive coaching services, I guide and advise on specific problems during a 60- or 90-minute call.

Instant scheduling • talk with Luca • satisfied or reimbursed

  • Instant scheduling
  • Directly with Luca
  • Satisfied or reimbursed

“Working with Luca was fantastic! He was straightforward and well-prepared, pinpointing numerous opportunities I had overlooked in my business plan. His coaching on reaching my goals more effectively was excellent. I wholeheartedly recommend him.” – Christopher Samulliah

Luca Dellanna

My speaking

Conferences & podcasts – I’ve spoken at conferences, including Nudgestock (the largest behavioral sciences conference), and podcasts, including EconTalk (twice).

Lecturing – I am an external lecturer at the Master in Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies of Genoa University, and I regularly offer guest lectures at institutions across the world (most recently, Cambridge University, USC, and YPO). I also collaborate with institutions and organizations, including McKinsey, on the design of their training materials.

Talks – I am often invited to “lunch-and-learns” and similar corporate educational activities.

Speaking engagements

I regularly hold talks and short sessions for organizations that want to educate their employees on any of the topics of my expertise (management, ergodicity, antifragility, risk management, etc.).

My books

Cover for Best Practices for Operational Excellence

"I'm a huge fan of High Output Management and Setting the Table […] Luca's Best Practices for Operational Excellence took my management to the next level. It's been almost a month since I started implementing the principles, but I can already say that I've noticed a significant improvement in my company's morale […] That feels amazing."

– Molson Hart, Viahart CEO

(eBook | paperback)


One of the most important books I’ve read, period. It’s short, articulate and expansive on a singular subject matter — ergodicity which is really the key ingredient to success in life, marriage, business, family, happiness, health, etc..

– Black Janover, Janover Inc. CEO

(eBook | paperback)

I also published seven more books:

Row of books

Too busy to read a full book?

Get a tailored explanation of the book’s contents and ask me any related questions related to its topic.

Courses & Workshops

Here are some of my most popular workshops, which I run both in-person and remotely for management and senior management:

Feel free to contact me if you’d like me to run a private workshop just for you (and eventually your team).

Online courses

I have an off-the-shelf course on Managing Remote Teams that is also available as a licenses package for organizations that want to use it for internal training purposes.

I sometimes also produce custom online training material on-demand. (Interested? Contact me.)

My network

I organize regular alumni meetings to which I invite participants to my workshops, courses, and consulting. These are both opportunities to network and to discuss very concrete problems (for example, during our latest alumni meeting, we discussed best practices to manage remote teams, clients, and contractors).

The network includes CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals from all continents, representing a wide range of industries.

To join, attend one of my courses or engage my services.

Executive coaching

I have some private clients (entrepreneurs, managing directors, and senior managers) with whom I hold regular calls to develop their people management skills and help them grow their subordinates.

If you are interested, send me a brief email with your current situation and needs; if we are a good fit, I will reply with a quote and a scheduling link.

About Luca

After a master’s degree in automotive engineering, Luca spent the first part of his career working for DuPont’s consulting unit in Frankfurt, Germany. There, he focused on managerial excellence projects in a variety of manufacturing industries, all across Europe.

In 2015, Luca moved back to his hometown of Turin, Italy, and opened a private consulting practice serving clients worldwide.

He has also published books about management, human behavior, and economics that earned him appearances on the most important conference and podcast in his field, Nudgestock and EconTalk respectively.

Luca lives with his wife Wenlin and his dog Didi, and divides his time between Turin and Singapore.

Luca Dellanna

Luca's newsletter

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