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Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?
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2020 just ended. Here’s a quick recap of everything I publicly published or participated to – podcasts, speeches, blog posts, projects, Twitter threads, and books.

My 2020 Podcasts & Conferences

  • I spoke at Nudgestock 2020, the largest behavioral science conference (link to video).
  • I also made a talk at Change Matters 2020 on antifragile operations (link to video) and participated on a panel with Rory Sutherland and Bri Williams (link to video).
  • Sahil Lavingia, the founder and CEO of Gumroad, interviewed me about the pandemic (link to video).
  • I went twice on The Human Risk podcastthe first time to talk about the coronavirus, multiplicative dynamics, and operations management (link) and the second time to talk about the pandemic and ergodicity (link).
  • 42courses invited me to talk about the future of education and about my book, The Control Heuristic ().
  • I also recorded two more podcasts that will be published in early 2021.
  • I had a chat on management with Molson Hart, founder and CEO of Viahart (link to video)

My Patents

I’ve filed a patent on machine learning. Here is a paper describing it.

My 2020 blog posts

What will we have learned from the pandemic (written in January 2020!)

The global powers of the future

New values for a connected world

The impact of Amazon and Brexit

Optimize for bite-sized improvement

Mimetic societies

Circuit breakers

Wittgenstein’s Ruler

Why do we have moods

What are visual illusions, and why do we fall pray to them

The 5 ways face-masks work even though the virus is small enough to pass through

Misleading claims about the pandemic, again

The Lindy Effect: definition, examples, and generalization

My 2020 Twitter threads

Full list here

My 2020 books

100 Truths You Will Learn Too Late, 2nd Edition

The Control Heuristic, 2nd Edition

Ergodicity: Definition, Examples, And Implications, As Simple As Possible (also available as the first Roam Book!)

Best Practices For Operational Excellence, 2nd Edition

My consulting

I’ve helped clients in three continents  with managing their employees and operations. (Need help? Contact me)

My 2020 projects

My blog on the pandemic

A post series on management concepts

A post series, “thoughts of the week”

My RoamLetter #4


Wow, that’s been a lot! My most sincere thanks to my readers and my Patrons: Ross Screaton, Malcolm Ocean, Pablo Cárdenas, and Ricardo Ortiz Noguera.

If there’s any piece of mine that you particularly enjoyed reading, please share it with your friends, family, or colleagues. It would make my day.

Thank you, and wish you a great 2021,

Luca Dellanna

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