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100 Truths You Will Learn Too Late

Most of frustration in life comes from ignoring its rules.
With this book, learn 100 of them.
Your life will get easier overnight.

Not the usual self-help book. Check the reviews below.

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Some of the titles of the sections inside:

  • Problems grow the size needed for you to acknowledge them.
  • Taking a course of action makes it easier to take it again, for better or for worse.
  • Other people’s expectations aren’t your problem.
  • Hating those who despise what you want will prevent you from obtaining it.
  • Discipline is freedom.
  • Extraordinary people are extraordinarily selective.
  • Successful people, at some point in their life, committed to the hard choice.
  • Self-respect is the compass for change that matters.
  • The standards you have today determine the life you will have in a few years
  • People are extremely good at succeeding at their priorities and extremely dishonest about them.
  • Your problems aren’t different.
  • Listening is about not projecting your own world-views.
  • … and 86 more.
100 Truths You Will Learn Too Late - 3d cover

About the author

Luca Dellanna

Luca Dellanna is the author of 7 books. He also teaches Risk Management and consulted several multinationals.

Luca is based in Turin, Italy, though each year he spends a few months in Singapore.

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  • 100 rules of life
  • An eBook in 3 formats: PDF (for laptops), .emobi (for Kindle), and .ePub (for all other eBook readers, including Apple Books).
  • A free upgrade to any new editions released in digital format (for example, readers who purchased the first edition from the link below got a free digital copy of the second edition once it got released and enjoyed a few bonus rules).
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