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The different sections of this document cover the terms and conditions for Luca’s physical events, digital courses, digital products, and physical products.

Terms & conditions for Luca’s courses & workshops, to be physically attended

Satisfied or reimbursed

  • Participants to Luca’s face-to-face courses and workshops can ask and receive for a full refund, no question asked, subject to three conditions: that they fully participate to the first morning of the course, at least from the beginning to the first coffee break, and that they decide to ask for the refund before lunch on the first day.
    These conditions want to make sure that people asking for the refund actually experienced what the course is like, for we are highly confident that they will enjoy it. To date, not a single participant asked for a refund.
  • Participants to Luca’s face-to-face courses and workshops who cancel before the event will be reimbursed only if the event has a limited number of seats and these seats get filled with paying participants.
  • No refund is available for online courses, online-delivered products and books, unless explicitly written otherwise in the product page.

Other terms & conditions:

  • In no case is a participant entitled to request to the organizer refunds or other liabilities for an amount exceeding the price they paid to purchase their rights of participation.
  • No meal is provided during Luca’s courses and workshops , unless otherwise specified on the course information page.
  • Participants to Luca’s courses and workshops might receive some handouts, which are intended for their personal use. They can’t be copied or shared with anyone, unless authorized in written form by Luca Dell’Anna.

Terms & conditions for any online purchase from this website

  • All purchases are to be considered final, unless explicitly written otherwise.
  • The purchaser agrees to the privacy policy, and in particular to the use of his personal information for matters of billing, organization (if he purchased the participation to an event) and marketing (if he left an email address).
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