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Hi! I’m Luca. How can I help?
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“Luca continues to demonstrate a clarity of thought and ability to simplify complex issues. The value he provides in this course is very high, and the knowledge immediately actionable on a personal and business level. Do not miss this opportunity!”

– Ben Moore, a participant to the February 2021 cohort

Make change your competitive advantage

Develop in yourself and others the ability to spot and act on problems and opportunities, resulting in growth & adaptation at all levels of your organization.
Antifragile Organizations

An author trusted by more than 20k readers.
Luca is a researcher on adaptive systems and a management consultant, ex-DuPont. He has seen hundreds of organizations at work and is known for a down-to-earth approach.

Rooted in practice

Most of what you’ll learn comes from Luca’s experience. You will learn best practices tested and proven on the field, by different organizations in different businesses.

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Course structure

Participants will get:

  • Four live Zoom 1h30 sessions (recordings will be made available if you cannot attend them live)
  • One live Zoom Q&A (organized 2-3 weeks after the course, so that you can try implementing the contents of the course in practice and ask any leftover questions)
  • Two 30-minutes one-on-ones with Luca (over Zoom)
  • Regular alumni meetings (every time I finish a cohort of this course, I organize a Zoom alumni meeting where I invite all alumni, including those of previous editions)
  • Pre-course reading materials and videos (optional)



The live sessions will take place in August-September 2022 (more information on the timings on the “Register now” link below).

Sessions are 90-minutes long, though Luca will be available for up to an additional 30 minutes of questions. If you cannot make it, recordings will be made available.

Some of the topics we will cover

  • The factors that cause antifragility – and how to develop them in yourself, your team, and your organization
  • Setting metrics that lead to growth without getting gamed
  • Establishing effective feedback channels, and ensuring they result in action
  • Managing the survival-efficiency trade-off, and solving upstream problems in the process
  • Green and red flags of antifragility + case studies
  • Interacting with your team to develop skills, engagement, and proactiveness

Who this course is for


You want to scale the company you started without the diseases that come with it (lack of flexibility, widespread disengagement, gaming of metrics).

You want to ensure your company’s survival but realize that you can’t do it by putting off fires yourself – you must get your employees on board, and you must make it resistant to threats and downturns you cannot predict.


You manage a team or an organization. You see risks and opportunities, but your team ignores them.

You know that change is inevitable but do not know how to engender it. Your team is slow to adapt to changes in procedures or in the market, and you know that dividing your time between pressuring them and putting off fires isn’t the way forward.

Management / HR consultants

You run or work for an agency consulting managers. You have clients who need to adapt but resist change. You heard about antifragility but do not know how to apply the concept in practice or how to get others to apply it.

You know that bottom-up adaptation is an important part of a healthy organization, but your clients focus on top-down only.

Meet your instructor

Luca Dellanna's headshot

Luca worked on tens of consulting projects, from manufacturing Fortune 500s to fintech startups. He is uniquely positioned at the intersection of management (having managed a large team himself), antifragility (having published several papers and books on adaptive systems), and behavioral change (having presented between others at Nudgestock 2020).

Luca’s courses are hands-on, no bullshit, and long-term-focused. He believes that ideas should be judged not on whether they make sense, but on whether they can be widely implemented with sustainable results and little side-effects.

Luca is read by more than 20k people.

The curriculum

In this course, you will get the tools to make you, your team, and your company more antifragile. You will set metrics that can’t be abused, you will establish feedback processes that drive adaptation at all levels of the company (individual, team, product, processes, and organization). You will better manage the survival-efficiency tradeoff, being able to distinguish between necessary cushions and waste. And you will learn how to integrate these approaches in what you and your organization are already doing, minimizing internal disruption.

Basics of antifragility

Before the course begins, you will receive introductory videos covering the fundamentals of antifragility, a visual framework to understand and apply its principles, and how to set proactive metrics – metrics that give you a chance to spot problems early so that you get a chance at addressing them before they can hurt you.

Module 1: antifragile objectives

Some objectives are easily gamed or lead to unintended consequences. Luca will teach you how to set and adapt the objectives you give to your team (and how you give them) to maximize organic growth while minimizing side effects.

Module 2: multilevel adaptation

Change is inevitable. However, you can influence the level at which it occurs. Luca will teach you how to ensure that you, your team, and your organization become an active part of change, and that you do so with as little internal disruption as possible. You will also be able to establish effective feedback channels and to interact with your team to develop their skills, engagement, and proactiveness.

Module 3: managing the survival-efficiency tradeoff

Organizations find themselves with two opposing needs: resilience and efficiency. Part of this tradeoff is inevitable, but part of it can be solved with a win-win on both sides. After this module, you will be able to discriminate and justify which extra resources are cushions that can save the organization during crises and which are plain waste. You will also learn how to prevent the former from degenerating into the latter. Moreover, Luca will also show you how survival is not only about minimizing downsides but also enabling upsides.

Module 4: auditing and prioritizing

How to estimate the antifragility of your organization / team / process (and the limit to which it can be known). Luca will show you how auditing is not just for a tool for compliance but also for uncovering opportunities and growing internal capabilities. You will learn best practices and become effective at using them to demonstrate and reinforce your priorities and your organization’s.

The structure

The course consists of four live Zoom sessions, one for each module (check the dates by clicking on the “register” button below). Sessions are recorded and shared, in case you cannot make it live.

Moreover, you will get a few videos and additional pre-course materials (optional) and you’ll get the opportunity to schedule up to two one-on-ones with Luca.

Finally, two weeks after the course ends there will be an additional Q&A session, and the week after that an alumni meeting open to all alumnis of this course, including thoes of previous editions.

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